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Looking For A
Custom Aquarium?

Have you ever wondered where you can buy something unique that no one else has?

Or maybe you watched the aquarium on a TV show and told yourself: “I want such an aquarium!”.

Then you don’t have to look anymore.

AquaProfessional team will combine creativity and expertise to create truly unique projects with a focus on complete customer satisfaction.

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All shapes and sizes

If you’re feeling a little adventurous and thinking outside the box, you might want to choose a custom-made curved aquarium or a unique and stunning shape.

AquaProfessional team has installed over 120 commercial aquariums in a wide range of locations from schools and colleges, museums to offices, hotels, restaurants and exhibitions.

From Standard rectangular, L-shape and T-shape to non-standard shapes. If you have an idea we can fit a tank into the walls and cavities of your building.

Custom 3D Decorations

The combination of imagination and realism is what sets us apart from other Aquarium Designers.

We have a wide variety of 3D Background designs. Over 200 available models and everything is customizable.

Visit our Showroom in Springvale to see for yourself.

Should you choose glass or acrylic?

Bespoke aquariums come in many interesting shapes and sizes. Depending on the style you want to go with, you’ll have a choice between two main materials: glass and acrylic.

So why choose one over the other?

If you go with glass, is it going to be low-iron which is clearer or regular, the cheaper option.

But if you go with acrylic, there is no limit, we can create any shape or size you want.

Glass Tanks

Custom glass aquariums are always preferred over acrylic aquariums. One reason is that glass aquariums are less expensive than acrylic aquariums.
Glass aquariums are also very hard to scratch, but when scratched it is permanent, so be careful!
It usually takes considerable pressure with reasonably hard material to cause a scratch. So you’re more likely to be safe with a glass aquarium.

Acrylic Tanks

Aquatic inhabitants of acrylic tanks can even scratch and damage the tank themselves if they have teeth, shells or claws.
However, it will be easier to repair if scratched using an acrylic polisher. Acrylic aquariums have a much lower risk of breakage than glass aquariums. But of course, it’s very rare for a custom aquarium to break down.
If you are concerned about the weight of the aquarium, acrylic aquariums that are the same size as glass tanks will always weigh less when empty.

Why does Australia always choose us?

Our Bespoke aquariums are guaranteed to transform your Home or Office Space!

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Common Questions

This will depend on a few factors such as stock availability, logistics and when you are available to accept delivery. Most of our installations take place within 30 days of payment being received.

Yes, we will provide you with a selection of fish to choose from. We will deliver the livestock 4-6 weeks after the installation.

Our aquariums are built and set up to last for years. We have a 12-month warranty on all equipment.

The aquarium installation should only take 2-5 hours depending on aquarium size, system type and the logistics of the installation. This is not including background installation and adding other custom decoration pieces.

Yes, we offer custom 3D Aquarium backgrounds and decorations. Get in contact with us and we will show you all our previous work that we have done with custom pieces.

Our service allows complete novices to own an aquarium. We take care of the entire installation and set up for you. We then issue our clients with a maintenance guide tailored to their system.

After the installation, we issue our clients with a maintenance guide tailored to their system. This provides a step-by-step guide on how to look after their aquarium. We also offer a professional maintenance service for clients that do not wish to personally maintain the aquarium and its inhabitants.

We source all of our products from high-end, reputable manufacturers and partners over Australia & Europe.

We will issue you an invoice for the aquarium for payment via bank transfer.

Delivery and installation cost is included within the price. In case of a missed delivery, we may charge a redelivery fee.